skincare tips for dry skin

Skin conditions and skin types vary in a form that you can’t really tell which is worse or better. Some may have dry skin and wish it was oilier and some have oily skin and wish it was dryer. But no matter what the condition may be, you can still have your skin looking healthier and hydrated through these easy dry skin care techniques.

skincare tips for dry skin

Dry or Dehydrated?

Lots of people think they have dry skin but may in fact be suffering from dehydration. One way to distinguish between the two is by having a look at your forehead in the mirror. Visible horizontal fine lines are an indication of dehydration. Increasing your water intake can help with both skin types. Boost your organic skincare regime with an increase in water or herbal teas (not black tea or coffee!) and you will notice a difference. Some changes should be noticeable after just a few days. But keep at it, longer-term results need some commitment.


work out what type of moisturizer works best for you. Some dry skin types love oil products while others will behave better with thick cream formulations. Be careful not to overload the skin. Apply your moisturizer and leave the skin for 15-20 mins, if you have the time, before applying to make up. It is tempting to keep adding moisturizer but if you let the skin rest for a while it will help regulate oil production and you may not need to add more.

It is also recommended to use natural products

Using natural products also means less irritation to your face which is very important for dry skin care. When the face is irritated it uses up what natural oils it may have resulting in even worse dry skin. Some plain vitamin E oil that is available at most pharmacies and retail stores works very well even under makeup. This oil is usually very thick and so the skin can absorb it over time.

Vitamin A – Always remember that having vitamin A is necessary to give your skin a healthy, glowing appearance. When there’s an absence of Vitamin A in your body, you are prone to developing dry skin.

Vitamin B – Fair people are especially in need of vitamins for dry skin prevention and one such vitamin that they’re usually lacking is Vitamin B. Vitamin B has similar benefits to Vitamin A.

Other Health Tips for Dry Skin Prevention

Eat a lot of yellow and orange vegetables that have a particularly high content of beta carotene, which consequently contains Vitamin A. Drink lots and lots of water. Just ask any dermatologist; he’ll tell you that drinking water is good for your skin. Avoid excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine; they dry out the skin and rob it of important minerals.

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