how to stop hair loss

Let’s face the fact that hair loss or fall is among the problems of most men and women but the percentage is higher in men. This could be a cause of improper diet, sickness, or excessive use of hair products.
Your concern is how to stop hair loss. and prevent baldness. These are some tips on how to stop hair loss

Home Remedies for Hair Fall

how to stop hair loss

• Boil dry pieces of amla in coconut oil. Apply this on your scalp. This works well.
• Drink a cup of spinach and lettuce juice daily.
• Cut down your intake of food items that are rich in Vitamin A because too much intake can cause hair loss. Vitamin A sources include liver, beef, cheddar cheese, chicken, yogurt, and many more.
• Some recommend a mixture of black pepper, ground lime seeds, and water. Apply this onto the scalp once every few weeks.
• Plain coconut oil is also an effective way to stop hair fall. Simply massage it onto the scalp.
• Using castor oil as hair oil is also a safe and effective method to solve the problem.
• Almond oil also helps a lot. Massage the oil onto your scalp twice a day.
• A mixture of Aloe Vera and herbal powder Triphala is also one of the best natural cures for hair fall. Do this for six months. You will notice hair regrowth.
• Massage your scalp with rosemary oil to stimulate the circulation thus promoting hair regrowth.

There are all kinds of ways to address hair loss issues medically, but if you’re not taking care of your body, then your hair is just going to keep falling outright? Sure, there are many cases in which hair loss is genetic, but lifestyle has much to do with hair loss in each and every case.
Have patience in finding the right solution for your hair loss. Good luck!

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